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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Are Reality shows encouraging creative careers?

Are reality shows in India boosting creative fields like music, dance, acting etc. as possible career avenues for the next generation in India? The success of reality shows in India is phenominal! and it seems like more and more parents are encouraging their children to enroll and learn and be proficient in music, dance etc. A few years ago this was not common. There were only limited career options like medicine, engineering, law etc. but now India is waking up although slowly as compared to the West and kids are being encouraged to pursue various art forms. It also seems like the art forms promoted are in one way or the other connected to Bollywood (and/or glamor) almost directly and a few years ago the opportunities were available to only a few elite people in Bollywood or folks who had direct connections in Bollywood. But today the reality shows are opening up these avenues to the ordinary man which is good. Apart from music, dance and acting, it would be interesting to see reality shows in photography, ad making, fashion designing, interior decoration etc..


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