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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seven Vows for a Week...

Some good qualities that we could try to implement, from the book "Racing along the Razor's Edge" -

1) Vow for the first day:

Diminish anger. To start with, control your anger and the tendency to blame and speak ill of others for one day a week, if possible. At least for that day, we will be creating a wonderful atmosphere in our home and our place of work.

2) Vow for the second day:

Add a smile. It doesnt take a long time to get beautiful responses from others if we decide to say whatever we have to say with a smile - again, justu for one day a week. It takes the coordination of more facial muscles to frown than to smile. Moreover, a smile increases face value! :)

3) Vow for the third day:

Do some formal spiritual practices.

4) Vow for the fourth day:

Dont give in to a bad habit like drinking, smoking, drugs. Spirituality is the ability to stop the flow of the mind anytime, at will, like applying the brakes of a new, well-made car.

5) Vow for the fifth day:

Reduce food. When you rest physically, the body is allowed to rest, but the stomach will continue to work hard, digesting the food you have eaten. If once a week, you take only one meal on that day, it will give your digestive system a rest from its ceaseless work and its therefore good for your health.

6) Vow for the sixth day:

Be helpful.

7) Vow for the seventh day:

Observe silence. Though it may be difficult to keep a vow of absolute silence for the entire day, you can start with one hour, beginning from the time you wake up. The following week you can try it for 2 hours and so on....


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