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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Alphabets are as simple as...

An interesting article describing why alphabets are shaped the way they are... An extract from the article -

Thus, the reason the letters of the alphabet are shaped as they are is to be in harmony with the mental machinery we have evolved to analyse the patterns of the natural world, not for ease of writing, said Dr Changizi.

Makes me wonder if the letters in the word describing a natural element have anything to do with the shape, color, light, sound etc. of that natural element. For example - do the letters of the word "flower" have anything to do with flowers that we see in nature.


  • Billions of smart humans living now will not be able to get this "intuitive reasoning" behind the design of alphabets...

    so I'm kind of hazy about how pre-historic or early civilizational (wo)men would have all thought alike and come up with something like this...I'm afraid that it gets too far-fetched...

    And the clincher is the reference at the end to intelligent aliens...that completes the comic circle :-)
    (I'm just being sarcastic today).

    By Blogger Dust-Biter, at 9:23 PM  

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