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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Small fish baiting the Big Fish?

There seems to be this big crazy trend by giant companies to acquire all the small fishes in the sea. The mantra seems to be (and I read this somewhere) - acquire a fresh startup before it becomes too big and expensive. For instance - orkut was acquired by google, flickr by yahoo and now youtube is in the lines of being acquired by who?.... (

Well I was just wondering that what are the things that make these startups the bait for catching the big fish... Is it that they really have some new and innovate ideas.... or is it that their so called product at-this-point-in-time is being used by a vast majority of ordinary everyday consumers (or as some article mentions that it has reached a critical mass of people)... but then what are things that make their product usable by millions of people - flashy interface or its ease of use... its simplicity or sophistication... providing basic functionality or some out-of-the-box features....

It also seems to me that in order for these startups to make it big; they have to be ahead of everyone in the race... there are probably a lot of small and big companies working on the kind of stuff that you are working on; so its important to be ahead of everyone which then means - keep your group small but also hire the very best tech and business expertise since you cant afford to have sloppy and incompetent people very early on in the race.... make sure that everyone in this small group is a team player and is equally motivated and passionate about making it big.... have really good contacts in all the right places... and then have the wisdom to see and grab an opportunity at the right time and the right place and market yourself... so basically - walk the walk and talk the talk...

hmmm interesting... something worth giving a shot sometime... may be I should think about a breakthrough idea and get together with a few friends to build a product that might someday make it big - a distant dream... :)


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