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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Have you met excellence?

I was out having dinner with two of my professors and another friend of mine. While talking about various topics like music, art, marriage, history etc. one of my professors asked a very interesting question :- "Have you met excellence?".... He took turns to ask us individually... of course I dint have an answer then.... but the question stuck in my mind and raised a series of questions like "What is excellence?", "How do I formally define excellence?", "Are there any fixed set of parameters that define excellence?", "How will I know if something or someone is excellent?", "How do I differentiate between various levels as excellent/verry verry good/very good/good etc."... or as my friend put it - "I dont have a frame of reference to compare"...

But as I lay in my bed thinking about it, I had some kind of an answer to it... I went to him the next day and told him that my answer to his question would be - "As I grow and meet different people in my life, and encounter different experiences, my definition of excellence changes and there are different people at different points of time whom I find excellent!"...

We then had a very interesting discussion about how time is a very important factor... there always seems to be a right time/timing for everything... It was very nice to listen to his thoughts and ideas and I am always amazed to see how passionately he talks about his own advisor and the kind of ideas his advisor had... He then thanked me for sharing with him my thoughts and we parted - with me reinforcing the notion - "Time plays a very important and key/crucial role in life".


  • That's a good question...I have never thought of this question, but there were a few occasions when I felt that 'this' person was as best as one could get in that area...So can the question be rephrased as "Have you seen someone who is excellence personified ?"

    Or the question can be interpreted to simply mean "How do you define excellence" and answering that engenders profound thinking...I agree that time is a crucial factor...

    Since excellence is always found in someone who we look *up* to,the more we associate ourselves with those who are with greater calibre, the greater the chance of encountering excellence...


    By Blogger Dust-Biter, at 12:14 AM  

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